You have questions.  We have answers.

We understand that you might have questions about what to expect if you’ve never been on a pedal powered party bike before.   Hopefully we have answered them all below, but if not, feel free to send us your question or call us a 360.255.0822 for a quicker response.

No. The local ordinance for open containers does not allow us to serve or sell alcohol on board. We do, however, provide adequate stops at a variety of Bellingham’s great breweries and pubs to satisfy your thirst between pedaling efforts.

The Pedal Party NW is a big machine! We cruise at a top speed of 7mph which all depends on the power of the party on board. We like to call it Slow-motion Fun!

We can carry 15 passengers and 2 staff members (Driver/Host). There are 10 pedaling seats, 2 non pedaling seats, and a padded bench seat for up to 3 people. (Great for a guest of honor or someone who might want to just go along for the ride.)

Our driver and host are in charge of both safe operation of the vehicle and the safety of our happy customers. Because our liability insurance won’t allow it, we can’t allow you or your guests to operate the vehicle outside of pedaling.

If any member of your party is behaving in an irresponsible manner, our driver and/or host may ask that they remove themselves from the vehicle. They will be required to find their own transportation back to the Pedal Party NW headquarters.

This is the Northwest; rain happens!
Pedal Party NW has a handy canopy and our tours run rain or shine! Please dress for the weather on the day of your trip and don’t be afraid to layer up. Our canopy, in addition to providing protection from the rain, also has plenty of storage for unneeded layers.

If our staff determines that the weather is just too nasty, Pedal Party NW reserves the right to offer a rain check or other compensation. If the tour is underway already, we’ll duck into the closest location that serves hot toddies, but unfortunately won’t be able to provide rain checks.

You can cancel your trip, but we’d love to have you reschedule instead. If you find yourself needing to cancel for any reason, please contact us. Our cancellation policy reads as listed below:

30 Days+ before scheduled trip – Rain Check good for 60 Days or 50% Refund.
10 – 29 days before scheduled trip – Rain Check good for 60 Days.
Less than 10 Days before scheduled trip – No Refund or Raincheck.

Pedal Party NW offers tours to the great breweries in the central business district of Bellingham. These rides can be the focus of various other group activities/themes such as

• Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
• Family Reunions
• Birthday Parties
• Corporate Events
• Church Events
• Book Clubs
• …More!

We are geographically and geologically limited on where we can go, but the Pedal Party NW bike can be trailered to your location for corporate events, weddings, fairs, parades, etc.

*Additional costs will be applied for trailered events.

Most of our tours will originate, and return to, the Pedal Party NW headquarters at 501 Meador Street, Suite 106, in Bellingham, WA (Behind Fanatik Bike on State Street).

We may, at times, offer other custom rides that will start and/or stop at other locations.

Our staff works hard to keep you safe and provide an experience that you will share with others. Tips are very much appreciated for your driver and host. This service is treated much like the restaurant industry where 20% is customary.

We also hope you tip your servers at the locations we visit on the tour.
Tipping is not a rule, but is highly encouraged.

This machine is the safest and best engineered bike of its type available. The Pedal Party NW bike has many safety features not offered by some other party bike outfits including:

• Pedal Deck for safe entrance and exit
• Seats with back rests
• Adjustable seats – Accommodates people 4’7″ and taller.
• Full LED lighting, navigation lights, and canopy/under bar lights
• Emergency Brake, Emergency lighting, Audible Horn

Yes. We have a six speaker system that puts out some amazing sound. We’ll keep the music going during the whole tour.

Please feel free to bring your own iPod or other music player to attach to our 1/8″ auxiliary input.